Got Weeds?

Say “goodbye” to weeds for good

Are the weeds in your lawn getting out of control? Do they continue to flourish in your yard, despite your constant efforts to get rid of them? When manual weeding, topical pesticides and other methods stop working for you, you can count on Herbitech LLC to eliminate them for you. With our services, you can look forward to having a gorgeous lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Just dial 318-218-5753 now to learn more about our weed control services.

3 reasons to hire a weed control service

Are you planning to regain control of your yard from those pesky weeds? Here are a few reasons to take advantage of our services:

  1. The weed control methods you’re using are not working
  2. You want to complement your home with a vibrant, weed-free lawn
  3. You want a hands-off approach to lawn care
Contact us at 318-218-5753 to schedule an appointment for one of our services.

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Count on experienced professionals to clear your yard of weeds

Herbitech LLC is a weed removal service located in Marshall, TX. For over a year, we’ve dedicated our skills and expertise to the health of lawns all over the area. We use post-emergent and pre-emergent pesticides to stop your weeds before they get a chance to take over your lawn. We also offer regular services to make sure the weeds stay under control.

You can reach us at 318-218-5753 to schedule an appointment for weed control services.